Strategic Partner and Funded by

Operating partners

Target Users

  • Hong Kong residents
  • Loss of breadwinners or breadwinners unable to work due to accident or family crisis, for example traffic accidents, industrial accidents, serious illness, natural disaster or fire; and
  • Families with dependent children and youth; and
  • Grass-root families with financial difficulties and related needs are not covered by Government-subvented services

Service Delivery

  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Inter-disciplinary Integrated Service: Social workers adopt casework approach to provide inter-disciplinary professional services to families as needed, including:
  • - Psychological First-aid

    - Grief Counselling

  • Referral to connect with mainstream social services when necessary


Self Photos / Files - 6675 Application Method

  • Applicants or referrers may approach the Operating Office according to the applicants' residental address. 
  • Referrers may complete the Application Form and send it back to the respective Operating Office via fax or mail according to the residential address of the applicant. 
  • Application Form can be downloaded here.